Two Argentine companies among “most innovative” in Latin America

Animator 3DAR and breast cancer testers Mamotest made business magazine Fast Company’s 2023 list

Argentine animation firm 3DAR and mammogram organization Mamotest have made Fast Company magazine’s 2023 list of the top ten most innovative businesses in Latin America.

The first Argentine firm on the list is visual arts company 3dar, which made second place in the Latin American category and 47th in the list overall.

3dar, founded by San Isidro brothers Federico and Germán Heller in 2003, produced a VR 360° clip for Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti, which had 41 million views on YouTube in the first 12 hours. It also created the animation for rapper Lil Dicky’s song Earth, featuring Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Leonardo Di Caprio.

The company is also Meta’s biggest partner for augmented reality filters in Latin America, and created an interactive film called Eggscape, which won a Lion award at the Venice Film Festival in 2022.

Mamotest, which built 10 breast cancer remote diagnosis clinics in Argentina and Mexico, garnered eighth place in the list. The company, which received over 650,000 patients, looks to boost early detection of the disease, since it has a 98% survival rate if diagnosed in time. However, according to them, 80% of cancer cases in developing countries are diagnosed late with a survival rate of 27%. 

According to Mamotest, 87% of their patients diagnosed with breast cancer at its centers were able to receive early treatment. Breast cancer is the most diagnosed type of cancer among women.

Founded by economist Guillermo Pepe, the company, which has been recognized by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, focuses on making its services affordable and connects its patients with government programs and other resources to start their treatment.

Topping the Latin America list was Brazil’s Nubank, one of the world’s largest digital banking platforms. Third was Chile’s Copec Voltex, which designs and implements charging solutions and infrastructure for electric vehicles. Others included Mexican cargo startup Nuvocargo, Colombian education tech company Platzi and social security platform for informal workers, Symplifica, Mexican agricultural AI initiative Jüsto, medical protective gear company Medu, and Brazilian edtech Gran Cursos Online.

Every year, Fast Company, a business publication created in 1995, assesses thousands of businesses and creates a list of 50 companies it considers the most innovative. In 2023, the magazine evaluated companies from 54 categories including artificial intelligence, healthcare, augmented and virtual reality, and education. A total of 540 firms were given a spot for “reshaping industries and culture” across its range of industry-specific and regional categories.


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