December 14, 2017
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  • 16/08/2013 | Argentina

    Subte dispute escalates amid 'sabotage' allegations

    The ongoing dispute between the Subte licensee company Metrovías, the AGTSyP subway union and the City government today escalated after a carriage derailed yesterday and passengers today were stranded in Rosas station due to technical failures.

  • 25/10/2013 | Argentina

    Sarmiento nationalization made official

    The government today published the nationalization of the Sarmiento train line after the Saturday 19 tragedy that left dozens injured at the Once station.

  • 22/02/2015 | Argentina

    AMIA unit prosecutor can not 'guarantee' truth will be known now

    Member of the AMIA Special Unit (UFI) Sabrina Namer said the new team in charge of the investigation into the deadly 1994 bombing will evaluate “why the Syria line was dismissed.” “After ten years of the UFI, the course can not be changed overnight without information,” Ms. Namer warned.

  • 01/03/2013 | Argentina

    Macri: Subte A Line to reopen next week

    City Mayor Mauricio Macri confirmed that the Subte A Line will resume service next week and that he will invite President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to attend the reopening ceremony.

  • 04/03/2013 | Argentina

    Macri brings forward A line reopening

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri announced today that the reopening of the subway Line A will be held on Wednesday instead of Friday, as it was reported.

  • 04/06/2013 | Argentina

    Gov't revokes concession of Tren de la Costa, two other freight lines

    Interior and Transportation Minister Florencio Randazzo announced that the National Government was rescinding the concession contract with the Tren de la Costa, a light rail line in the northern area of the Greater Buenos Aires, including the Parque de la Costa amusement park.

  • 07/01/2013 | Argentina

    Shutting down Subte A Line is 'stupid', says Pianelli

    The secretary general of the subway workers’ union, Roberto Pianelli, said that the City Government’s decision to shut down the A Line for almost two months is “stupid” because “we will have less trains” in service.

  • 04/02/2013 | Argentina

    CFK announces end of repair works on Sarmiento train line

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner regretted that damage perpetrated by “vandals” to trains and train stations, as she pointed out that “we complain about the way we travel, but we break the things that are useful to us.”

  • 09/02/2013 | Argentina

    Key witness in Once rail tragedy investigation killed

    Leandro Andrada, one of the key witnesses in the case investigating the Once rail tragedy, was found dead on Friday after being shot in Ituzaingó.

  • 17/07/2012 | Argentina

    Gov't to restrict Sarmiento train line service for repair work

    Interior and Transportation Minister Florencio Randazzo announced on Tuesday afternoon that starting on July 30th, and for the next two months, the Sarmiento train line service will be restricted during nighttime and on Sundays in order to conduct repair works.

  • 07/08/2012 | Argentina

    Two more Mitre line trains derail, no passengers injured

    Two trains in the Mitre line derailed on Tuesday afternoon in the areas of Palermo and Los Cardales. No passengers were injured in the incident.

  • 30/12/2012 | Argentina

    No passengers injured after fire scare in Mitre line

    Tens of passengers experienced moments of fear when the train they traveling was invaded by a dense smoke between the Belgrano R and Colegiales stations.

  • 10/04/2012 | Argentina

    Once tragedy: Federal Court overturns Gov't's role as plaintiff

    The Federal Criminal Court today overturned the resolution that enabled the State government to be the plaintiff in the case investigating the causes of the train crash at Once station that killed 51 people in February.

  • 12/04/2012 | Argentina

    Subway C line resumes service after five-hour strike

    Outsourced security staff from the Metrovías subway company, who had set up a roadblock on the tracks between the Av. de Mayo and Diagonal Norte stations, decided to end their protest after a five-hour strike and allowed the C Line to resume service.

  • 16/07/2012 | Argentina

    Subway C, D lines service interrupted

    The Subway D and C lines service were interrupted this morning due to technical failures causing long delays of commuters. Long lines of passengers were witnessed at the bus stops along Santa Fe Avenue, which goes across the BA City neighbourhoods of Palermo and Recoleta.

  • 23/02/2012 | Argentina

    Once train crash: 12 bodies remain unidentified

    Twelve bodies out of the 50 fatal victims of the train crash that occurred yesterday morning on the tracks of Once station, remained unidentified today, City Civic Defence head Daniel Russo informed this morning.  

  • 23/02/2012 | Argentina

    Gov't to act as lead plaintiff in train crash probe

    Following the train crash that killed 50 people and left more than 700 injured yesterday, Planning Minister Julio De Vido and Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi came on stage today to give details about the investigation.

  • 19/03/2012 | Argentina

    Bus line 60 drivers plan to strike

    Drivers from the number 60 bus line are in a permanent union meeting due to the "arbitrary dismissal" of four employees as well as other labour demands, and could go on strike for the rest of the day.

  • 05/12/2011 | Argentina

    Metrovías announces changes in SUBE, Monedero top-up system

    The Metrovías company, which runs the subway line, informed that it is currently implementing a new top up system for the SUBE and Monedero cards and regretted the fact that many passengers were affected by disgruntled ticket booth employees in the B line who were protesting the system. 

  • 16/02/2012 | Argentina

    Gov't cuts subsidies on premium bus services

    The Transport Secretariat, conducted by Juan Pablo Schiavi, has taken away all subsidies on premium bus services working in both Buenos Aires City and Greater Buenos Aires areas, as it was published today in the country's Official Gazette.

  • 22/02/2012 | Argentina

    'I flew 15 metres forward due to the impact,' says Once crash victim

    The accident that saw a Sarmiento line train crash into the platform at Once station this morning and left some 340 people injured, affected hundreds of people on their morning commute. One of the passengers named Fabián, stated to press, “I flew 15 forward due to the impact. I had people piled on top of me, none of us could move.”

  • 09/02/2011 | Argentina

    'We will not negotiate under pressure,' Schiavi tells outsourced railroad workers

    Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi criticized the protester’s decision to interrupt the San Martín line railroad tracks during the morning and repeated that “their right to make demands does not enable them to block the functioning of a public service.”

  • 05/04/2011 | Argentina

    Sarmiento railway line workers announce 24-hr strike on Thursday

    Workers in the former Sarmiento railway line announced they will be staging a 24-hour strike on Thursday, after negotiations for a 23 percent salary hike failed. The workers currently demand a 40 percent hike.

  • 20/09/2011 | Argentina

    Labour Ministry orders mandatory conciliation over 60 bus line conflict

    The Labour Ministry ordered the mandatory conciliation over the conflict with workers from the 60 bus line. The order established the measure for the next 15 days and urges the workers to lift the strike.

  • 12/02/2013 | Latin America

    Four killed after Carnival float catches fire in Brazil

    Four people died after a Carnival float in the Brazilian port city of Santos caught fire early today, striking a somber tone for the final day of exuberant Carnival celebrations throughout Brazil, police said.

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