December 13, 2017
Friday, June 16, 2017

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Before accepting the hype around “cuddly Corbyn” in the recent British election it might be useful to consider what he and his sidekicks actually stand for. His aide, Shamus Milne, recruited the political officer of the Marxist-controlled union Unite, Andrew Murray, to help run Labour’s election campaign. It was a distraction for Murray as he was in the process of purging non-Marxists from the union, including Gerard Coyne whose offence was to reveal that the boss had purloined 400,000 pounds from members to buy a luxury flat. Unsurprisingly, Corbyn is pledged to restore the kind of plenipotentiary powers to these cliques not seen in the United Kingdom since the 1970s.

Murray is archetypal New, New-Labour, being a member of the Communist Party of Britain until stepping down last December to join Corbyn. He has served on the executive, praises North Korea as “people’s Korea,” and worships Stalin. The latter, whose slaughter dwarfs that of Hitler, apparently imposed some “harsh measures but we are all Stalinists” in the fight.

The Communist Party of Britain is the Soviet-inspired rump of those on the Left who were not appalled by Khrushchev’s atrocities in Hungary in 1956. But even this was nothing like enough for Milne and Murray. Both were members of the Straight Left faction of the Party, which opposed any democratic wavering among the comrades or any criticism of atrocities by Communist regimes.

Corbyn has confirmed that his own socialism is identical to Murray’s and he is a vociferous and uncritical admirer of the present regime in Venezuela. He even borrowed Hugo Chávez’s “21st century socialism” slogan at the last Labour Party conference. Things may not be quite so peachy in Caracas-on-Thames as in the original, however, since we don’t enjoy the largest oil reserves in the world.

Edgbaston, Warwickshire, UK

Dr. Iain Salisbury


Patrick Newton states in his letter “Rethink the Strategy” that to counter terrorism in the UK, “all male Muslims between 16 and 40 should report to a police station to be registered, and be thoroughly vetted for British values” (June 9). However, if one of the indicators on which profiling is based is a person’s ethnic or national origin, this raises the question of the conformity of profiling with the principle of non-discrimination.

So before recommending its implementation, I suggest having a look at a document prepared by the United Nations on the subject, readily available on the Internet: Office of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights.: “Human Rights, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism,” Fact Sheet No. 32.


Ildefonso Miguel Thomsen


At times I feel there are at least two Argentinas. On the one hand, there’s us, the average citizens, who try our best to make ends meet, who live in jails rather than houses, who worry like crazy when our children go out, who cheer each time we all get home safe and sound, who avoid daily pickets on our way to work, among endless hardships. And, on the other hand, our politicians on campaign, promising things they’ll never achieve, pledging they’ll fight corruption (CFK, of all people!), wasting time, energy and money that could be much better invested.

There are so many urgencies nowadays in our country, so much poverty, so much unemployment, so much crime, that all this political circus sounds immoral. It’s like a bad soap opera, or an X-rated film, with lousy actors and actresses exchanging roles at the speed of light. Pathetic. Meanwhile, we keep watching, helplessly and hopelessly. Sigh.

Ringuelet/La Plata

Irene Bianchi

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